Homeschooling Information

There are a number of homeschooling groups on the Olympic Peninsula. 


CHOOSE: Christian Homeschool Organization of Sequim.  The group is non-denominational and meets each Friday.  Children have the option of participating in a number of classes and sports with other members.  Contact information is available from Scooter at Education Express: 417-9151

Olympic Peninsula Homeschool Information

OPHI is a yahoo group that local homeschoolers may access to find out about upcoming classes and events for local homeschoolers.

Port Angeles

HOPE  Humerous Open-Minded Parent Educators   Contact:  452-5525

Port Townsend

Peninsula Homeschool Exchange

We are an inclusive, eclectic group open to all homeschoolers in Port Townsend. Contact: Deborah Carroll

The Education Express

The Education Express is a local store halfway between Sequim and Port Angeles that carries curriculum and supplies for homeschoolers. 

3173 Old Olympic Hwy.  360471-9151